Creating homes with you

Gable houses have the “look and feel” that bring clients to us asking for “a Gable home”. We especially like to work with such clients who wish to apply the Gable style to their particular needs and circumstances.

We also welcome clients who want a different style of home but are attracted to our unbeatable quality and personal service.

We offer an all-through service from your initial idea to your moving in.

Using only reputable specialists at each stage, we:

  • discuss your design requirements
  • create the plans for your approval, and within your budget, providing options relative to cost as we proceed
  • cover all the regulatory aspects, while keeping you informed
  • submit the plans for planning permission
  • generate the JCT contracts and forms
  • register the plot with the NHBC
  • proceed to build, using only master craftsmen

Every Gable home is built to the same exacting standard, whatever its size, style or price. Creating homes with clients carries the same Gable promise of continuous direct supervision by Stewart Cutmore, the Company founder.


The following projects show more of our Client Build homes:

If you are looking for a dependable builder for your project please call 01582 712843 or email

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