Gable Construction is a niche local property developer and house builder offering an unbeatable, service in Harpenden, St Albans and the surrounding areas.

Gable Construction focuses on personal service and trusting relationships with clients. Never remote, this is a robust, respected family building business. We believe that you are the one that matters.

The number of projects that we take on in a year is limited. In this way we can offer a fully customised product with those classic design features that turn every house into a home that is truly yours, and yours alone.

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Client Build

Creating homes with you

Client Build Projects

If you are looking for a dependable builder for your project please email or call us.

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Special Build

Homes to buy

Special Build Projects

You can find homes that are coming soon or available to buy in our property list.

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Homes for future living


Our homes incorparate many of the latest building innovations. Find out more...